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Mission Mediadesk Annual Report

The Film Fund of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, first established in 1990 then restructured in 1999, exists primarily to promote and foster an environment in which the country’s film production industry can develop and flourish.

The Fund, an official body supervised the minister responsible for the audiovisual sector and by the minister responsible for culture, implements the overall policy of the government’s support for audiovisual productions. Thus it manages the various programs through which the Luxembourg government provides financial incentives to audiovisual productions.

Film Fund Luxembourg represents Luxembourg in all European audiovisual initiatives, like Eurimages, the pan-european coproduction fund

With the aim of providing a framework for a Luxembourg audiovisual industry in full expansion, the Fund is also responsible for promoting the Luxembourg sector, developing international co-production agreements and delivering certificates on the nationality of works

The Fund also co-operates closely with the audiovisual industry representatives like the Luxembourg Producers Association (ULPA), the script and director’s association (LARS) and the association representing all the local film technicians (ALTA) in promoting the sector’s development. The Fund also assists supervisory Ministers in areas such as the drafting of regulations and legislation, compiles statistics relating to this sector, determines the award of “Luxembourg nationality” for audiovisual works and maintains a national register of productions.

Since 2003 the Fund has also overseen, every two years, the organisation of the Luxembourg Film Awards (Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis) which rewards the country’s best film contributions.